Sunday, March 04, 2007

"V’rachamav al kol maasav,” including Amalekim?

". . . v’rachamav al kol maasav,”. . .and His mercy is upon all His works (?) (Psalm 145 [“Ashrei”], verse 9)

Apologetics, courtesy of Conservadox. I thought this was a pretty decent explanation, until it occurred to me that the attack* being avenged** had taken place literally centuries before. For that matter, was all the slaughter mentioned in Megillat Ester really necessary?

Non-apologetics, courtesy of ex-Gadol Hador/XGH at Existential Angst.

Bottom line.

And we end up right back where we started: "HaShofet kol ha-aretz lo oseh tzedek, Will the Judge of all the earth not do justice?"***

See Sh'mot B'shalach/Exodus chapter 17, verses 8-16.
** See D'varim Ki Tetze/Deuteronomy chapter 25, verses 17-19.
*** See B'reishit Vayera/Genesis chapter 18, verse 25.


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